Saturday, November 07, 2009


JSH: World should be ok, from stupidity

One of my long-time fears was that a dramatically simple solution to the factoring problem might crash the world economy, but after looking over the statistics on hits to my math blog—which has had what may be the solution for a year—it seems the world is remarkably DUMB.

So I think it's safe!

Oh yeah, after I found what I thought might be a solution to the factoring problem I went ahead and proved that P=NP by solving the Traveling Salesman Problem. Did that MONTHS ago. It's on my blog too.

The world IS stupid.

So I no longer am concerned about markets crashing as the world's too dumb for that, so it should all work out, I think.

Wow though, it is so amazing! You people going on about your business as serious as ever I'm sure. Acting as if you're doing important things and have important ideas. Working at research which has probably been made completely irrelevant.

Your lost year.

But who knows? The world maybe vastly more stupid than I even think possible and in another year I'll be making posts like this one talking about another anniversary.

So you have another year to do things that are, worthless, and irrelevant—oh, except they still are important in a stupid world that can't see solutions because you people rip on people you hate as cranks or crackpots because you're EVIL.

Factoring problem it would seem was solved about a year ago. So you wasted a year of your lives since then, it seems because your society maligns some people as "crackpot" and refuses to accept mathematics you then don't like—even if it is correct.

In a word, you are: stupid.

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