Sunday, November 15, 2009


JSH: Some history is the future

One of the weirder things that has emerged from my mathematical research is the possibility of continual transmission of information from the future to the past in order to CREATE the future, where key is what I call the optimal path algorithm.

Used against the Traveling Salesman Problem it gives you a traveler going backwards in time to meet himself, where the algorithm requires continual communication between the two travelers in order to get the optimal path.

If that is a routine part of nature then light takes the optimal path in that way, and it also gives an arrow to time—we think we're traveling forward in the future as we're the collapsed path, when actually we're traveling both forwards AND backwards in time.

The collapse to an optimal path gives us the illusion of only going forwards in time.

The arrow is the collapsed optimal path which appears to only go forward in time.

If so, then some of our "history" can be information transmitted to the past in order to create our future (and our present).

And that includes legends and mythologies, so yes, Revelations, for instance, seems to have future weapons in it. With this theory that's because it actually hasn't happened yet, but was information sent to the past about what will happen in order to MAKE it happen.

Parts of Genesis appear also to actually be stories about the future, not the past.

So the future is an active participant in creating itself.

Which means there is no way to know what knowledge is future knowledge transmitted to the past, unless that future wishes you to know, and then of course you CAN know. And there seem to be no limits. (So yes, conceivably you can get winning lottery numbers from the future, but ONLY if the future needs you to have that information to create itself.)

And if you can understand all of that you gotta be a singular type of human being as it is very confusing. But one thing is clear, if I'm talking about it, and I'm right, then the only reason I know to even tell it is because the future needs me to know and needs me to tell it for that future to exist.

It seems to me that such mind-numbing information would have a predictably large impact on a human population, which is why people haven't maybe really known it before; therefore, it seems likely some epic event is about to occur, which is allowing the information to be known.

For various reasons the idea is floating around that the "end of the world" is in 2012. My memory is that Sir Isaac Newton actually calculated the correct year and he got 2010, but I've seen no mention of that in the record, so I'm not sure why I have that number.

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