Saturday, November 07, 2009


JSH: So really works?

I've talked about Google searches that pull in my research highly, but I'm more interested now in the web searches that pull in a hate page against me on, which is a website of Erik Max Francis, whom I encountered on the sci.math newsgroup years ago.

It elicited howls of glee on that newsgroup when he put the page up against me, and years later I'm beginning to see that the posters of that group were probably right and this one person has an amazingly powerful negative impact on you.

Today I have various ideas which I think are important across a lot of areas and I'm here to tell you: no progress.

While I'd been optimistic about hit data from around the world, better analytics software showing me what users are actually doing on my math blog and how they got there is discouraging. And more importantly, oh yeah, looks like last year I DID maybe, um, solve the factoring problem.

Actually I have 3 probably good basic research results which when properly developed could allow VERY rapid of factoring of VERY large numbers in polynomial time, which is probably one of the biggest advances in number theory, oh, ever.

And I can't get anywhere with it!!!

If that turns out to be true that I DID get these finds over a year ago and people finally realize what's going on then I'm going to be presenting the case that Erik Max Francis may by himself be a lot of the reason for why the world did not pick up the research—or even notice it existed!!!

I call it a social transistor effect. Like with transistors you can control a LOT of current with a small one. Negatives like what Erik Max Francis put up, can have an awesome power in our connected world.

He may be able to completely shut people down even if they are right!!!

Way wacky, way fascinating. If that is true then the "herd" mentality of human beings can reach impressive limits which can only be seen in this case because of absolute mathematical proof.

There is wisdom in crowds then. Crowds can be super-stupid. MOST of the people following along in the wrong direction.

3 ways that can potentially solve one of the big problems in number theory—factoring.

All mostly ignored. We're at one year plus now.

And I am fascinated by my Google Group ratings as well!!! I have a 1 star rating with over 8000 ratings given.


I picked the factoring problem because it has real world impact. Of course "Uncle Al" can request that I factor a large number.

I will not. I cannot. I have basic research which indicates a way can be found. I haven't implemented anything.

Again I liken taunts for me to factor a large number to asking Albert Einstein to build an atomic bomb—and explode as well.

AFTER ALL if relativity is correct, why couldn't Einstein build an atomic bomb to prove it? Right?

Of course his ideas and that of others DID get picked up which is why people finally DID develop atomic weaponry.

Here is a fascinating case where for the moment it appears the knowledge is just sitting out there.

Despite the potential energy wrapped up in its use.

And I'm blaming a social transistor effect.

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