Sunday, November 01, 2009


JSH: Psychology of perspective

It is of interest to me what we think we know, as a species, and I have a unique opportunity to watch people behave in a way that they would not, if they actually accepted my accomplishments, where for some reason mathematicians have given this window by not properly acknowledging my research!

So I exploit the window.

It IS of interest to me to see how posters react to various pieces of data and to see how newsgroups behave as so much of it is so wild and bizarre. Like it was so amazing that math people destroyed one of their own journals. So bizarre.

World history is a fascinating subject, but how much of it is true? I am now able to detect variant story arcs throughout any number of places in world history where based on the data I'm gathering, surprisingly HUGELY different things probably occurred.

What never ceases to amaze me is the confidence some of you display. This bizarre ability to BELIEVE when I can check with absolute tools and determine that you're wrong.

It's endlessly fascinating.

I think these warnings are important as I believe I'm an ethical researcher and this situation is somewhat annoying. I am destined to be one of the major historical figures, but I'm pre-that level. It is my duty to use this unfortunate situation to its limits.

And I'm learning that history is just a word. Who knows what really happened even a few decades ago. Most of you I fear, have no clue, but just know what someone told you, like, what you read in some book or something.

But people write those books, and are quite capable of shifting things to their own needs.

I study such shifting having tools far beyond what any of you seem to have, which I find puzzling. They're not complicated tools and I talk about them freely.

My own major hypothesis is that it is an evolutionary construct. I'm studying that construct as well, and how it shifts human conscious behavior and most importantly—perspective.

You "see" what your brain tells you that you see. And it happily lies to many of you in very special ways.

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