Sunday, November 08, 2009


JSH: Internet defensive response theory

I have a theory that the growing Internet is in many ways like a living organism, and wishes to survive.

But if I DO have mathematical breakthroughs where exploits because the world refuses to acknowledge the research could end the Internet as we know it, then its survival is now in doubt, while I'm fighting for that survival, but some really stupid people are blocking.

If my Internet defensive response theory is correct then the Internet will somehow, someway move to remove the blockages.

But I have no clue how, and no clue in what way, but if the Internet is growing forward as an entity, it is not a human one.

So I'm distancing myself. If some of the solutions the Internet comes up with to survive are nasty, it's not me.

I'm just an observer and I didn't think this situation was possible anyway. I figured that if I had major mathematical breakthroughs that the math people would do the right thing.

They have not.

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