Sunday, November 08, 2009


JSH: But it just amazes me

I figured out years ago when I FINALLY had major mathematical finds that there were these people in the mathematical field who didn't give a damn. They didn't care about the truth, so what were they doing there?

Working it out over the years I've determined that for some people the dream of royalty did not die with the transition to democratic societies around the world, so they've simply worked to set up shop where they can chase that dream.

And academia is a place that lets them play at their dreams of being royalty.

In a class society the king does not have to be the best at anything. He is simply the king.

So for these people in setting themselves up as wannabe royalty, merit does not matter.

They don't care if you're right or wrong if you're someone they've de-classed in their minds!

And you can see how far they can go with what is increasingly looking like a solution to the factoring problem.

How hard to check?

For major researchers, oh, minutes, maybe a few hours to program it and watch it go, and then there should be calls to colleagues and excited discussion, and oh yeah, notifying of security experts andintelligence services around the world.

But instead there is a dragging of the feet by people who don't want to let go.

I mentioned on sci.physics that the world may decide to 0 fund academia and I'm increasingly thinking that will happen as the modern academic world seems to attract medieval thinking, and in the medieval world it was not about truth or merit, but about class.

There has to be some way to break that out of academia so that people within academic walls do not feel free to dismiss results that they don't like.

My suggestion is 0 funding. If the money is taken away then only the best people will still remain as like me, they will find a way.

The BEST people do not need handouts or what I call white collar welfare.

So 0 funding academia is increasingly looking like the way to go, as this latest incredible example shows: you people are fighting powerful mathematics as if you can win!

But why would you even want to win?

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