Sunday, November 08, 2009


JSH: But how can the Internet go down?

Some of you may wonder how such a massive and seemingly powerful system as the Internet can go down, well how can a massively complex human being go down from some relatively simple virus?

But the flu is killing people around the world as it has done and the H1N1 variant is doing even more damage.

But how is that possible?

If you have to figure that out before you can believe that the Internet that you have grown to know and love could be toast, then there is no hope, but let me also add: the defensive systems do not appear to be operating.

So it's like if your immune system is compromised like by the HIV virus. The Internet security people are behaving like immune cells which refuse to function. And part of the problem may be the massive wave of negatives about my research like by Erik Max Francis on, where people underestimate the power of negatives.

So the situation is like an immuno-compromised patient that may be hit by a wave of viruses in a situation where its own immune cells will do nothing.

What would happen to that hypothetical patient?

It would die.

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