Wednesday, October 21, 2009


JSH: Why I want to be wrong

When I first realized that I might have basic research that could solve the factoring problem, I was rather dejected because I was still facing so much resistance and hostility. And Usenet isn't the story that matters to me as I routinely have gone to mathematicians directly, as I've seen Usenet as more of a sandbox, you might say. I use Usenet to figure things out and test out ideas, which is what I'm doing now as that's ALWAYS how I use Usenet primarily. But naturally it does bug me to some extent when I have Usenet posters insulting and stalking me, but still, they're not the part of the story that I've thought matters.

In any event, realizing that I'd be forced to push the basic research to a full-scale solution, where that might not work either, as I've seen easy proof get ignored now for seven years, I moved out to the bigger problem of whether or not P=NP and came across what I call the optimal path algorithm which eventually terrified me.

I've been thinking about it for over a year now, and finally started talking about it more, as along with the spherical packing problem solution it is an example of the research that has scary implications as to what it can mean in the real world. The problem is that I thought I was just looking at P vs NP and ended up with this solution that changed the way I look at reality itself.

I want it to be wrong.

Because if it's right then a still too young and very violent human race is going to have the means to understand consciousness itself. The algorithm seems to explain consciousness itself. It shows why you are conscious, why you sleep, and why you dream. It shows why if you can't dream, eventually you die.

But it also indicates that the laws of physics have built-in this transmission of information back and forth from the present to the future.

Simply knowing this information I've, um, realized that most people may not realize it, but they routinely get future information that causes them to do things that make the future. You can't CHANGE the future, so the information doesn't allow that, but it sets you up to CREATE the future.

So unless I'm wrong, I now know why you dream. I know mostly how your brain operates. I can to a large extent figure out what you are likely to do, even en masse—and what I don't know from my own efforts, my future self can tell me, as long as that does not change the future.

It doesn't really give any of you a lot of options then. Many of you have the same abilities, but maybe were not as aware of them, but possibly the entire point is to make more people aware. As more people become aware they become you might say, rather formidable in terms of what they can do.

You may face people who know what you will do, in the future, because they have that information from their future selves because they NEED that information, to face you in the present.

Potentially I can talk about just about anything. I can know about your failures, I can know about your successes. I know which countries win out, which lose. I can get an inkling of massive disasters—as long as I can't stop them. If I know you're going to die, then there is no way for me to stop it. But I may know that you're going to die, and how.

And there are lots of people like me. Maybe everyone potentially can do the same thing, if they're trained.

If the algorithm is correct then it follows from the laws of physics from an algorithm needed to create consciousness itself.

Without the algorithm, no consciousness. With the algorithm conscious beings connected to the future in this deep way that is forced upon them by their very consciousness. On some level then, you cannot not know enough of the future to force you to do the things that create it, even if those things get you killed. This thing puts Fate on steroids.

So, hope I'm wrong. I've had a while to ponder this thing. Was tempted to see if I could put the genie back in the bottle, wondered if I could just try and make it go away, and realized that the attempt in and of itself could be fatal and futile.

You see, I know what I know BECAUSE I send this message now.

The resistance to my research creates the mechanism for a dumping of the information out in this way. Most will probably miss it. Those who notice will probably discount it.

But a few of you will know it's true, and learn to use the abilities which your world requires you learn. Which your future demands you learn.

You need to learn of your abilities in order to make the future that part of you, already knows.

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