Friday, October 30, 2009


JSH: Understanding the betrayal by math people

I found a P(x,y) function that counts prime numbers. It has a sieve form that is similar to what math people knew before, but it also has a difference equation form, which is a first. And because of that it leads to a partial differential equation, so it explains rather simply and succinctly one of the biggest questions in mathematical history, which lead to the famous Riemann Hypothesis, which is itself probably made irrelevant by this result.

And I discovered it in 2002, so 7 years ago.

Math people did not and have not followed script. They screwed me over in not acknowledging the result properly and betrayed the world as well. The information should be a well-known part of the mathematical literature. The story should be known around the world.

I should be one of the most famous people in world history.

They changed the timeline. By simply refusing to properly acknowledge a major discovery mathematicians changed the history of the world.

Kind of like if Einstein had just been ignored. He could have been. He was just a patent clerk with his papers. If physicists had done to him what math people did to me, can you imagine how our world would be different today?

There is no doubt on this issue. There is no other multi-dimensional prime counting function. There is no other "prime counting function" that leads to a partial differential equation. Mathematicians who I've sent this result to have behaved in bizarre ways for years.

One promptly went on sabbatical, and when he returned he claimed he hadn't been told about the result but was not interested in it. I had a math professor tell me the difference equation form did not exist. I reminded him that it DID exist as I'd sent it to him, an he did not reply further.

Odlyzko a leading mathematician in the field claimed it was not of interest. Not of interest? THE answer to the prime distribution connecting to continuous functions like x/ln x, not of interest? Are you kidding me?

And of course there is Usenet with all the insults for years. All the people ripping on me. All the nastiness. Insult to injury.

I look out and see a different world than any of you. I no longer believe in the same things. My world is so much darker but also so much more real. So little surprises me any more.

I'm the one person who knows the timeline was changed. Humanity went down a different path than what could have been.

Math people changed history. Like if Einstein had just been ignored. We're on a different arc now than what could have been.

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