Saturday, October 03, 2009


JSH: They broke the rules

I'm making it clear that academics in the mathematical field broke some serious rules when it comes to research in their own field in some of its biggest areas, which has proven to me that academics across the board cannot simply be trusted.

But more importantly considering my own reaction to adversity in facing mathematicians who just refuse to do the right thing, I've noted a seemingly paradoxical burst of problem solving as retaliation. For instance the Class Viewer program I like to mention because it is #1 in web searches on its name was partly inspired as a way to prove to myself that I COULD put something out there that was undeniably useful, as the insult parade on the sci.math newsgroup was wearing me down.

Hearing person after person after person, day after day after day, tell me I was incompetent and a loser and this hated crackpot was very, demoralizing. The Class Viewer program was one way for me to feel better about myself with something that those insults didn't reach.

And years later I mentioned it on the sci.math newsgroup and noted as those people insulted it that I didn't care as much, and over time I've learned to see their behavior for what it is.

But make no mistake, I have MASSIVE discoveries in the mathematical field, which should eventually be recognized and I want it clear that lessons I'm learning now indicate to me that academia itself is part of the problem.

ALL of academia so, for instance, English Literature professors will be 0 funded, and will face an impact from what mathematical professors have done, as the problem is with academia itself—not a specific field.

So the picture you need to imagine is if some major researcher emerges who went through hell at the hands of academics, why would he be their friend?

And the 0 funding reality is just so amazing when you consider it that hey, maybe that IS the model.

I'm doing MORE not less because I'm 0 funded. Albert Einstein did great things—0 funded.

Fully funded mathematicians now are refusing to acknowledge things like a major find in the area of the prime distribution—which I discovered in 2002. Seven years of recalcitrance is not an accident or just a little mistake.

It indicates deep flaws in the modern academic structure.

These math professors have an incentive to do the OPPOSITE of what's expected, and are fighting important research versus championing it, which I have to think is related to being on public funding support. I call it the dole, or white collar welfare.

Maybe the sad reality is that if you pay people to do research you undermine research.

If that is true and that idea gains steam then paying people for basic research may become a thing of the past: before we realized that it just does not work!

The most important thing for many of you that may come out of my story is that you can expect public funding of much of research around the world will dry up, disappear and become something that is a part of history, as you will not have it.

You will be 0 funded.

Like Albert Einstein was! And like me.

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