Friday, October 23, 2009


JSH: So why lie about P vs NP?

One of the continuing taunts I see in replies from Usenet posters is for me to factor a large number or to factor an RSA number as I have basic research (for instance, I invented a factoring technique called surrogate factoring) that opens the door potentially to rapid factoring of large numbers though I don't claim to have a full application for doing so, which I liken to having the physics theory indicating atomic weapons are possible without necessarily having an actual atomic bomb.

That argument seems lost on irrational Usenet people like "Uncle Al" who I imagine at times ranting at Einstein, mocking him for not being able to blow up some major city if his crazy, crackpot relatoovity (or whatever insulting name they might apply) really worked! Where's your nukie Eisie baby, "Uncle Al", might post. Why can't you blow up New York City, Mr. Einstein?, he could taunt.

One other claim posters routinely make is that even if the public key encryption system RSA was broken other techniques could be used so everything would be ok.

But I proved P=NP.

If so, then NO asymmetric system could be considered safe because there would be a way to easily break it, which could be figured out, at any time, maybe even say, by some smart kid somewhere in the world.

So the full story is that my research if accepted ends the current way the Internet operates for finance, which is one way I have at times been hesitant to push it myself, as I LIKE buying things online with my credit card. If all the public key systems are known to be potentially insecure because P = NP, then you might have to get a key sent to you, like by regular mail, before you could use a website.

The impact to web based businesses could be huge.

I've surmised that some might just want to keep using the current techniques! Whether they actually work or not, because that way their business could continue as they do now.

So the refusal of certain people to accept my research in certain areas can be financially motivated, and is one reason I'm leery of even finding certain answers on my own and instead am waiting for pickup from around the world.

One scary scenario is that I progress my research to some undeniable level, demonstrate to some government official, and then promptly disappear as some people decide that the impact to the US economy is too great to risk allowing the knowledge to be known.

So I think to myself that discovery could kill me, which is a sobering thought… But that leaves this Sword of Damocles you might say hanging over the

Or, I'm wrong. I'd actually like to be wrong, but the mathematics says I'm not. And Usenet posters howling to the contrary do not change mathematical truth. Denial is as old as humanity as is blatant stupidity in the face of potential danger which just is hard for people to imagine or accept.

You may live in a world that is insecure in ways you will not accept, but that does not mean the insecurity does not exist.

The current wait is for pickup from around the world.

I post for various reasons but one reason is to record. But also I find it amazing given how much evidence is stacked up to show that I'm correct that otherwise intelligent people can just go on about their lives as if all of that couldn't be swept away in an instant for reasons that are preventable.

I look at people having kids and wonder. I miss the faith that so many of you take for granted.

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