Tuesday, October 27, 2009


JSH: So now you know why

Some of you may have been puzzled despite accepting the "crank" label given to me as to why math people were so dedicated in insulting me in post after post after post, and the simple answer is that back in 2002 I came up with this demoralizing to them answer to the 'why' of the prime distribution and continuous functions.

Rather than face it—drying up funding sources—they just have gone on as usual!

But of course a problem would be if people actually listened to me, so a continual negative campaign was needed.

In case you're wondering, no, it's not hard for any trained mathematician, as in ANY trained mathematician, to realize that the P (x,y) function I found easily explains the question that drove Riemann among others like his predecessor Gauss, and is one of the biggest results in mathematical history.

It's trivial for them.

But for you, it can be a question that is in shades of grey, so enough negatives and voila! You think I'm wrong, and math people keep their funding.

But it's hard working on a dead subject. No matter how much you try, even for the money.

Isn't life grand?

So now you know. Your mathematical colleagues sold out years ago. Welcome to your actual academic world.

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