Friday, October 30, 2009


JSH: So now you know how longer your odds were

Some of you post your various ideas maybe hoping like me to get recognition, and now with my story you can see how long the odds are:
  1. I have a major research result in one of the biggest areas of mathematics, where I discovered a freaking P(x,y) multi-dimensional prime counting function which the world had never seen before, which has a difference equation form which leads to a partial differential equation and thereby answers one of the biggest questions in math history.

  2. I DID send it to mathematicians around the world. Tried to get a paper published. Talked about the result all over the place.

  3. I DID still get insulted on Usenet. These psychopaths that pretend they're doing a good deed by ripping on their victims who they call "crackpot" or "crank" don't care about the truth. They are in it to inflict pain. They are criminal types who simply have found a haven for doing evil in this world.
So yeah, you can see how hard it is. How impossible it is to get through when academics don't behave correctly and how easily they do badly.

In my opinion the academic world is broken. It failed multiple ways here and continues to fail, at every level.

And make no mistake, the best explanation in my opinion for why the mathematicians, academics all over the world, would want to hide a simplifying result is FUNDING.


Funding for people who betrayed the world for the money, doing the opposite of its intent. The money fueled their betrayal and yes, academics don't get a ton of money, I know, but if you're doing fake research, isn't ANY money a laugh at a stupid world?

Full salaries for professors with tenure when they betrayed their planet.

They betrayed the world in my opinion for money.

So look and learn. If you think your idea is going to go somewhere based on postings on this newsgroup or any other, consider the long odds.

I have one of the greatest research results in human history. All of freaking human history!!!

And look what they've done to me.

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