Monday, October 19, 2009


JSH: The record IS the point

So yeah, I post as much as I do to draw the commentary that shows the true state of the times. No re-writing of history so easily.

Discoverers always go through this crap. Later historians popularize something and it's this wonderful thing where people were sane, and brilliance overcame adversity, blah blah blah.

What actually happens is that the information works. The knowledge does have the power, but the discoverer can be damned.

The world needs the knowledge. It does not need you.

Archimedes being sliced down by a Roman soldier was not atypical. Neither was Alan Turing being pushed to suicide.

Socrates was pushed to suicide as well.

I'm laying down the foundations for a true recounting. A real warning. Your discoveries do not protect you. More than likely they will simply make you a target.

The reward your world may give you for making a major discovery, is death.

So why do people do it?

I think it's like a possession, or some built-in part of the human brain, like religion is an evolutionary artifact, created I believe to get people to have more children. Evolution crafts the human brain to get people to do what's needed.

You discover things at your peril.

Galileo Galilei was an old man confined to his home, his senses failing his dreams distant memories. In his more gallant times he'd fearlessly promoted his ideas. His ideas survive. The ideas are what survive. You do not.

Once you have given your ideas, your world no longer needs you. It may feel safer with you dead.

Discoverers are dangerous. They know things, or can figure them out. They disrupt established social orders. They push change.

They ARE change, livingly embodied in a human shell. They bring the fire of creation back into the world for a time, until a desperate world, afraid of erupting in flames, snuffs them out.

There will be discoverers as long as there are sentient beings, and there will always be the war. What I can do is remove the lies about it. At least in this time and in this space.

The record is Usenet. The point is the record. To make the lies harder THIS time. Though the effort is probably futile.

Without the lies, how do you motivate fresh meat to learn and discover? How do you find more fools to play the tragic game?

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