Sunday, October 18, 2009


JSH: Optimal path and the backwards Traveler

I mentioned in a previous post that I sought an answer that would impact Internet security where, of course, that answer is a solution to the factoring problem: that is, a way in general to find integers x and y, when xy=T, that is polynomial time regardless of the size of T, where that time is reasonable.

Well after some years working at the problem I came up with basic research that indicated it might be possible to succeed, though it might take some serious research effort beyond that basic research to get that done. But with that possibility now clearly in sight that the factoring problem COULD be solved in a polynomial time solution I, of course, began thinking about P vs NP, as I now had clear indications that P = NP.

But I wanted something more direct than the possibility of a solution to the factoring problem, so I confronted an NP problem directly and chose the Traveling Salesman Problem as it was simple conceptually. And I decided to use lessons found from my solutions with other areas, as I looked for additional variables. (Like how I found a P(x,y) function that simplified the issue of figuring out the prime distribution, where math people previously used a pi(x) function, so I had an extra variable that was critical.)

Weird thing is that I QUICKLY found a general solution to the Traveling Salesman Problem or TSP for short, where the additional variable was a second traveler, going backwards in time to meet himself.

To find that solution you can, yup, use Google (has to be Google) with the following search: optimal path algorithm

I just did that search and an introductory page on my math blog comes up #2. Seems some guy named Dijkstra is beating me out for the #1 spot for some reason unknown to me.

So crucial to the way my algorithm works—my solution to TSP—is that you have TWO travelers, where one is traveling forward in time, while the other travels backwards in time to meet himself, along the optimal path.

You run the algorithm, and, of course you can collapse to a single traveler moving forward in time along the optimal path, but to GET the answer, you need communication between these two travelers: you need information from the future self.

So I put that solution out there like everything else and ran into a lot of arguments as usual on Usenet, which to me isn't a surprise as that's what always happens. But the solution has freaked me out ever since I got it, as it may indicate that the laws of physics have this weird algorithm in place, where to figure out some things there is this communication from the future.

The algorithm is simple enough, but its implications could profoundly change how we see ourselves and our world. And I've mostly just kind of pondered it, and haven't pushed it much beyond the argument I did on Usenet a while back, as it is such a shift.

So P=NP. I found an easy solution to the TSP, and put it, yup, on my math blog, where I found it after I had basic research indicating a polynomial time solution to the factoring problem. Turns out that my research leads to 3 possible solutions to the factoring problem, so I have a lot of basic research indicating that a solution could be worked out, so yes, that is hanging over the world, as we speak.

If the algorithm works though, and if physics allows this weird transmission of information through time in order to figure out optimal paths—for instance light takes optimal paths—then not acknowledging it for the human species might be like not knowing quantum mechanics in terms of certain technologies that cannot be discovered.

So the people who work so hard to ignore my research are, in my opinion, fighting to deny the human species certain technologies, and for a while, yes—how could I not?—I wondered if it were alien interference. The algorithm itself could allow that kind of interference with technologies we can barely imagine maybe even coming from the future, when maybe human descendants upset the wrong species, somewhere, out there.

But that's too weird, so I've concluded that the simpler explanation is short-sightedness on the part of mathematicians who see my research as a threat to funding.

IN any event, yet another major research result I have. I solved TSP, so I proved P=NP, and did so with an algorithm that has a backwards Traveler, where I looked for that solution because prior basic research indicated there was a polynomial time solution to the factoring problem.

That was well over a year ago. I have surmised that Internet security was broken rapidly and that the same kind of denial that allows researchers in various fields to ignore these findings is being used to claim that a broken security system is not.

Looking at news stories, they usually claim it was some kind of human error when there are these massive data breaches. Which I guess could be true, but I don't trust those people any more. They could simply be giving the one lie that would hide the truth—that the security system in place is now defunct, and easily breached.

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