Wednesday, October 07, 2009


JSH: Oh yeah, spherical packing problem

I almost forgot but it's actually more physics relevant that back in 1996 I think it was, or maybe 1995, I came up with a solution to the spherical packing problem. And yes, you can find what I remember of that solution on my math blog with the Google search (yup, has to be Google): spherical packing problem

But I only come up #3 for some reason or other.

That is actually my oldest claim of a major solution and is kind of interesting I guess because if the approach I used IS correct then it's possible it could be used to simplify simulating, kind of tedious speculating, and I kind of hate bringing this up, as people can be so dangerous with new tools. Ok, the method could be useful in materials sciences for figuring out properties of substances by simulation alone, could help determine physical properties, and be used to make new materials, blah, blah, blah…

Most of my really scary research just sits out there, and I guess people don't realize it's out there or why it's scary, as if they did, why would they just let it sit? I have all kinds of things just sitting, out there. Most of you don't even seem to believe it works!

But just my current research, just out there, is enough that even a small country that got it all together and took it seriously could probably, well, take over the world. And I find that kind of depressing, so I don't like to talk about my most potent findings.

It is a way I keep up with things though, as I have a way to measure the pulse of the entire human race based on what I know is just sitting out there that people don't seem to notice. Just out there, sitting, public to the world, on my math blog.

So why drag it out now? Why bring it up?

I have my reasons.

But in any event, for you who are still rationalizing, yet another Google search where at least I'm not #1. I'm only #3. But it's with the spherical packing problem which I solved, oh, about 13 years ago or so, where the solution could help in materials sciences or something or other, and maybe make humanity even more dangerous than it is, or hopefully, just maybe, help better our lives.

I'm thinking though it's more likely to make humanity more dangerous, which is one reason I don't like bringing it up. Some things I have, simply cannot be pushed forward for that reason, but they're still on my math blog! Just sitting there…

But here's one. My solution, or what I remember of it, of the spherical packing problem.

It is one of the my "scary" research results that I don't mention much because it terrifies me.

But hey, the math stalkers will be along to tell you it doesn't work anyway! And you people so like to go along with a crowd…

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