Saturday, October 31, 2009


JSH: Nearing the real fun

I can see that "Uncle Al" is kind of picking and choosing but ultimately deciding to go for it and reply to me.

Um, did it ever occur to any of you that if I DO have these massive mathematical finds then I'm smart enough to know Usenet is NOT the place to get anything going and I have gone to the regular places, so why am I here then?

Well I'm actually accomplished now. History should record me as one of the major discoverers, and here I can write things out as I wish, unfiltered, and insult back the people who insult me, as I choose.

I am writing history.

Actually I mention "Uncle Al" so much because I'm so curious about the looks on his face—I can see the photogs and the flashes of the cameras when they find him—when the cameras start flashing and people tell who he is, what he does, and commentators sit and analyze and try to figure out what motivates such a person.

To some extent I'm just collecting oddities to be studied later by others.

It does not matter what I say on Usenet. I will be a historical figure. Nothing I say here or have said will change that reality.

Only other thing is to babble to get out some of the tension and collect people to be studied later by psychologists who will try to explain in who knows what terms what motivates these people.

I'm goofing off. Here's where at least I can talk about my research and get in arguments, as, I like to argue but can find it difficult to find people to argue with me. Usenet seems to supply a near endless source, but only for so long.

Eventually I burn out the newsgroup. So I know it's getting close to when I have to go for a while so it can re-generate.

Like sci.math is just about complete toast now, so I don't even bother with it. I'm hell on newsgroups. They just kind of shut-down for a while when I get really active until regulars scream in agony.

But sci.physics seems to be hardier this time, so we'll see. Been kind of fun so far, hoping to get to the real fun soon before the burnout and I have to let the newsgroup go before I destroy it.

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