Monday, October 19, 2009


JSH: My top 10

Over seven years ago I had two major results where yes, one is physics related, as it's a discrete damped oscillator that also happens to count prime numbers, so I related primes to damped oscillation, and the equations of that discrete damped oscillator include a partial difference equation which leads directly to a partial differential equation, so I connected the prime distribution to continuous functions.

But that was over seven years ago.

So I already know that even dramatic and absolute evidence, as all of that is easily checkable, is not enough.

Proof is not enough.

So what do you do? I decided to do more research and just keep stacking things up as you have your best ideas while you're young and IF I was actually a major discoverer then I'd have result after result after result after result after result, like all of the prior major discoverers. The real deal doesn't just have one big thing. There are no one hit wonders among major discoverers. None.

One of the cool things I have that no one before me got to have is the World Wide Web, and it has kind of tracked me more closely than anything or anyone else, so I can put up the top 10 results I have that give #1 search results in Google (checking as I type this post), some work in most major search engines but Google is the safe default:
  1. I defined mathematical proof (MAJOR feather in my cap), search: define mathematical proof

  2. Discovered tautological spaces, search: tautological spaces

  3. Came up with some prime compression idea, search: prime number compression

  4. Generally solved binary quadratic diophantine equations, search: binary quadratic Diophantine equations

  5. Re-discovered the parameteric Pell's equation, search: parameteric Pell's equation

  6. Discovered my own factoring method, search: surrogate factoring

  7. Invented a method for legal digital copying, search: Digital Media Equipment Self-Encryption or DMESE

  8. Wrote a poem, search: poet's cry

  9. Came up with a new payment system for the Internet, search: payback value concept

  10. Developed an open source program for Java developers, search: class viewer
Whew! That was a little harder than I thought. They all worked for me now typing this post. #1. And I had to leave out a LOT as I didn't take #1 with the Google search. So yeah, my prime counting function—that thing with the discrete damped oscillator—didn't make the list for that reason, and neither did non-polynomial factorization.

I love the #1's I admit it. Being at the top in the world, even if by search engine results, is just kind of fun.

I am curious to see, as always, how this post will impact. I DID for instance at one time take #1 with spherical packing problem, but tumbled down sharply after posting about it, which is why that wasn't in the list either.

So yeah, Usenet is part of ongoing experiments, as I see how things shift.

But the other thing I remind is that I can do such searches whenever I need some comforting news, and I also have analytics data from Google Analytics from my 3 blogs, which cover, the world. So I'm read over just about the entire world, or more specifically, over 100 countries so far this year with my math blog alone. My open source program is used around the world as well (I guess).

So while I wait for the mainstream world to catch up, I discover!

To me, any problem to which I take a fancy in ANY area is fair game. Like recently I came up with my own healthcare plan.

I've posted ideas to help Google make YouTube profitable. (And ideas for Yahoo! which they clearly completely ignored.) I've been trying to come up with something new for Twitter, but all my ideas seem to have already been put out. Maybe I'm getting old. There is a limit to the creative process. I have to discover as much as possible now before there is no more left.

If physics interests me I might work on something physics or ANY industry.

And my ideas are usually freely given! Sometimes I pick areas in the hopes of getting ahead of current researchers with something better and simpler. I will at times pick names for my amusement as being a discoverer I get to pick names. (Major perk!!!)

And I aim for major industries at times just to see what they will do. Especially if I can get ahead of their own researchers, and just put things out, for free!!!

It's fun being me.

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