Friday, October 09, 2009


JSH: Mildly entertaining

Just by having websites that pull people from over 100 countries with most of that to my math blog I have a HUGE amount of data. One of the more entertaining aspects of Usenet posters insulting me is their calm and insistent confidence that insults from a few people on a Usenet forum would actually have much resonance with a single human being who DAILY gets feedback from at least a dozen major countries about his own research. Entire countries. My conversations are with the world.

I go on Usenet to experiment.

Usenet posters have a weird delusion in this regard that I study. This thread itself is part of that study.

So without needing to go outside of areas that I own, I have on a daily basis data about much of the planet, related to my blogs.

Roughly 60 countries every 30 days for my math blog, roughly 30 countries for my programming focused blog, and roughly 10 countries for my pop culture blog.

I move ideas around just to see how they bounce around the planet and can coordinate between my three blogs depending on what I'm trying to figure out.

And that's just my blogs. That doesn't count my Twitter account, or websites associated with my Class Viewer open source program.

Quite simply I have data from the planet. And I can just do a Google search to watch my ideas travel the world.

I watch them roar up in Google search results (or not) and come down (or not).

Today if I get in a mood, I can put something out from any of a number of sources and see immediate resonance through Google searches.

You really have no idea what of my ideas has had an impact on your life as I know what I'm doing, but mostly you don't.

Math is just one thing I do.

I am one of the world's major problem solvers. It just makes sense that I can do a lot of the things that I do. And I never needed your acceptance.

But I do find it puzzling. Facts don't move most of you. Data is yawned at, and even the prospect of me fiddling around with the ideas that move your world probably won't touch most of you. That's just weird.

It's a social effect. A group effect. These latest Usenet experiments are studying that effect, so, warning, my writings lately have things called memes. You may think you know what all the memes are, but more than likely you don't.

For most of my research I DO NOT need agreement. The memes are viral. They propagate simply by you reading them and may act on your unconscious mind, or not. It depends on specifics about your neural networks—your brain fingerprint.

I've noted this before on Usenet. A lot of what I do is look to resonate areas beneath conscious awareness.

It is a deliberate strategy. I can measure impact in multiple ways. Usually things I do impact the entire world.

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