Saturday, October 31, 2009


JSH: Mathematics, an abused brand?

I was actually surprised years ago when I started trying to place my find of a multi-dimensional prime counting function, as to its relevance, when I learned the fuller story, including that it was Euler, not Riemann, who discovered the zeta function. And years later having faced endless stonewalling by math people in terms of just
recognizing my find at all, I'm amazed at how hard it is.

As a "brand" maybe mathematics is in trouble in the sense that few people care any more about the details. Sure there are popular books, etc. but how can something so dramatic just be so trivially blocked?

It's not even close to looking like a minor find either. It clearly gives something humanity as a SPECIES didn't have before, which is a way to look at the prime distribution with a new perspective and new tools that gives a simpler explanation than what came before.

But it's like with my other research where these bastards destroyed an entire math journal.

You keep asking yourself, how do people get away with such blatant stuff?

And years ago I would note to myself Enron, and the abusive priests with the Catholic Church, and then there came the Iraq War and now we have the "financial crisis" with some people ready to get billion dollar bonuses and party, while so many others are out of work and desperate.

These stories just keep piling up.

So no, it's not even close. Clearly I made one of the biggest finds in mathematical history which yes does relate to physics in multiple ways if only because there are poor pathetic physicists who do work with RH, but also in other ways.

That find answers a question that drove a huge amount of mathematical interest from some of the world's greatest minds, and gives a new tack that could lead to a resolution of RH, and yet, I'm this maligned "crank".

Insulted. Not cheered. No ticker tape parade.

Maligned as a loser when I may have one of the greatest intellectual discoveries in human history.

In an upside down world doesn't it occur to any of you that people may lose the ability to figure out at all, which way is up?

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