Saturday, September 12, 2009


JSH: Web searches reveal Usenet reality

There is one way that the Google search results have helped me tremendously and that is in appreciating how absolute is the denial of certain posters who obsessively reply with negatives in my threads as a reality as easily testable as sending people to do Google searches would SEEM to be a powerful way to make a point.

But you can peruse recent threads to see how it doesn't pause them at all—like when I got published in a formally peer reviewed math journal it didn't pause them then either.

They simply attacked the journal, and it is actually rather appalling that Usenet was instrumental in destroying an actual journal because of them, and it should be a chilling warning to those of you using electronic only journals.

I've emphasized recently that posters claim there is all this hostility to my research when they ARE it. Hostility to my research is some Usenet posters, including Erik Max Francis, who runs the website, and I'm emphasizing that so that people realize they are making themselves out to be something they are not. They are a fringe.

An angry rude fringe that lies about its own size and influence.

The search result demonstration is about as powerful as you can give when a discipline like the mathematical one refuses to follow its own rules and properly acknowledge your research:

Search string: solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations

That is a string that demonstrates a need to solve equations of the form:

c_1*x^2 + c_2*xy + c_3*y^2 = c_4 + c_5*x + c_6*y

in integers for x and y, which comes up in quantum mechanics.

If you think that's too specialized of a search and are suspicious for that reason here's one where I don't take #1.

Search string: solving quadratic Diophantine equations

There you can also see the kind of search string competition that interests me as I'm beaten out by Dario Alpern at #1 and MathWorld at #2.

One of the more interesting search string results is for the definition of mathematical proof. Here Google again is the source (the strings above may work with Yahoo!).

Search string: define mathematical proof

There you can see where the Wikipedia went, when my definition beat it out for the top spot.

(Yeah, that's right. I defined mathematical proof. The search results are a leading indicator that somewhere down the line it is likely to be THE definition, so it will eventually end up dictionaries—if the web is correct. The Internet is a force that is still not fully understood at this time.)

For those of you who argue on Usenet with people who are often rude and nasty you can see here just how impossible it can be to EVER get them to behave rationally. They simply will not. So evidence is not useful. Reasoning with them is a waste of time.

Like I GOT published. They simply ripped on journals (and some of them managed to kill the journal). Google: SWJPAM

They are deliberately doing what they are doing.

Their desired impact on you is to infuriate and frustrate you, as they live to try and give pain to others. Inflicting pain IS their purpose. They wish to inflict as much pain as possible on their designated targets.

If you are one, there is no answer you can give that will bring reason from one of them.

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