Friday, September 04, 2009


JSH: Understand the split and math strategy

What appears to have occurred is that the mathematical community concentrated on insulting me personally and discrediting me as a human being, which has been a successful campaign, which Google searches also show with a page slamming me as a "crank", "crackpot" and "kook" coming up highly under search by my name. I can't even find any of my own research coming up in the first hundred search results on my own name, only negative pages against my research.

But what's really interesting and fascinating is that while the world accepted the designation of me as a "kook" evidence from other search results, show it found and values the mathematical research I discovered.

You see, math people focused on the person. The research simply took off on its own, disconnected from any human being.

So now, you can try a series of search results where most come up highly in Google but others do so in other search engines:

define mathematical proof
solving quadratic residues
binary quadratic Diophantine equations

What makes this story just incredible to me is that math people STILL focus on character attacks as if they deeply believe on a fundamental level that it is personality not real results that matter!

And I think they do so believe.

Simply look at these threads. (It may show how "Uncle Al" is really different from physics people as well as consider how dedicated he is! He's like a machine with a program it cannot quit running. He is in a loop he cannot exit.)

Mathematicians have focused on personality for years now, putting up one mathematician or the other as the latest "beautiful mind", and I think they have a cult of personality so to them their strategy should work!

And the mystery to them may be this bizarre thing where the world simply takes the research and NOT the person as to them that does not exist!

To them, the person IS the research.

As this saga unfolds it is of massive interest to me how easily the world does this trick.

My research moves without me. It is a power unto itself.

It loops the world every 30 days in country after country, city after city, with a relentlessness that is about ideas that can act 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—never tiring. The Internet is the mechanism for the idea exchange and it operates with extreme efficiency.

To the world I am a "kook", "crackpot" and a "loon" as math people are very good at slamming people and dedicated in their energy and focus in that activity.

But my ideas move the world regardless.

My ideas change the world anyway.

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