Saturday, September 05, 2009


JSH: Something wrong in your brains

The nice thing about mathematics is you can determine truth, absolutely, and what I've found is that the world has responded oddly to various mathematical truths I've found. What's weird is that some people have claimed those are not true (and some have been very insulting) while the world has mostly appeared to ignore them, but also seems to be slyly using the research as revealed by Google web search results.

That's all remarkably strange.

The answer to the mystery I've concluded is that evolution designed into the human brain some peculiar circuitry designed to allow people to do all of the above and more in a quest to keep the species viable.

If my theory is correct then built into human beings is an ability to think illogically for a purpose, which requires strife, war and religion (where that can be flexible as to what constitutes a religion) in order to prevent the dominance of middle class societies as middle class societies tend to have too low birth-rates. For example, consider modern day Japan and its quest to stay alive, as make no mistake, if that country's birthrate stays low, it will cease to exist.

But human beings can also be quite logical! Physics is a dominant force today because of things that work! Theories that work wonderfully. Technology that allows human beings to do quite well for themselves—yet war and strife still continue!

My point is that is deliberately built into the human animal.

Put there by evolutionary forces that are keeping the human species from dying out from low birthrates associated with too much success.

Your are built to think non-rationally in highly particular ways in very specific areas, and you have no idea when you are doing it.

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