Sunday, September 27, 2009


JSH: So what is the best explanation for Google search results?

One thing that I have puzzled over for years has been high rankings on certain Google search results, which certain stalking posters think is me trying to brag. It's not. When I first noticed it I thought, hey, maybe my amateur research is heading towards acceptance! But now YEARS later, with no change, I'm mostly puzzled.

The problem can be considered to be loosely a physics problem like analyzing traffic flows is a physics problem. The question here is, why is Google ranking certain search results for a Usenet "crackpot" or "crank" so highly?

Anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet the following Google searches should bring up a page on my math blog at #1:

define mathematical proof
solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations

But why?

I have other #1's. My open source programming project will come up #1 on ALL major search engines with the search:

class viewer

And here's the weird one which will work only in the United States I think:

Superman plot idea

That brings up a plot idea I had for a Superman movie! And goes to one of my non-math blogs.

I've already noted that I've discounted the significance of these results as I've had years to ponder the mystery.

I'm opening it up to explanation as a physics problem.

And no, I don't post links to any of the above. To my knowledge only the open source project has a lot of other pages linking to it.

And my non-math blog with the Superman plot idea according to stats from various sources averages only 1 hit per day, which could be me as I visit it regularly.

Any thoughts or idea beyond the knee-jerk dismissal of the stalker-azi who plague my threads with inane replies?

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