Thursday, September 10, 2009


JSH: Increasingly the world's math reference

People on Usenet who aren't rabid who know much about physics probably understand that a general solution to binary quadratic Diophantine equations if it exists is an important mathematical tool for physicists:

c_1*x^2 + c_2*xy + c_3*y^2 = c_4 + c_5*x + c_6*y

That is an example of a general form for a binary quadratic Diophantine equation—x and y are unknown while the c's are known constants. I found a general way to solve equations of that form for integers, which yes, do come up in physics because of a certain little thing called quantum mechanics.

Yes, there are integers in physics, if you know where to look.

Now certain rabid posters track my threads and proceed to fill them with as much nonsense in reply as they can, but the reality of my research as a potent force is not about what I say, but about what you can check. And I like Google. I like Google because Google is the top search engine in the world (did you know that?) and rather than give links, I give searches to try in Google.

solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations

In a saner world that would be it. After all the mathematics is not hard for any physicist with a Ph.D to verify, and even the concept I call tautological spaces which gave me the tools to derive the method is not terribly complicated: I subtract equations from identities and analyze the residue.

Easy math. Easily verified. And you get directed to it by the world's search leader.

So why are rabid Usenet people stalking my postings claiming it's worthless and often attacking Google in the process?

Simple. Because they're angry.

Why are they angry? Who knows. People are angry all over the world. Usenet simply amplifies anger and lets angry people feel powerful. So I say Google links to my research. They say, no it doesn't. I say, well people can check and SEE it does. They reply, no it doesn't and call ME crazy. Or they claim that Google search results don't mean anything.

Those of you in the real world with the rest of us are aware I'm sure that there are web metrics measuring tools available by which people can get an idea of the kind of interest there is in their website. One of those tools is Google Analytics (yup, there's that "Google" name again, it comes up a lot).

I use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics says that so far in 2009 there have been visits to my math blog from people in 1816 cities in 112 countries/territories around the world (not a lot of people so I don't give the number as it's only a few thousand).

Um, actually, wow, those 112 countries are most of the world. The countries themselves include most of the planets 6.78 billion or so people.

Regardless of what a handful of posters can say in rants against my research, or rants against me, the reality is that the evidence shows that increasingly the world is turning to my math as a resource. Check in Google: mymath

I think I come up #4.

So why aren't math professors talking about my research? I don't know. Maybe they are. I don't claim to know all that happens in the world.

Why am I not in math journals? Well, I got one paper published and some USENET rabid people mounted an email campaign against it, editors pulled it, journal died. I'm being nice to journals now. Ha ha.

Jokes aside, the mathematical world is very in-bred. They like math people with Ph.D's in, guess what? Mathematics. Go figure.

Math society seems intent on ignoring reality for as long as the world will let them, but physicists don't care! Physicists use math as a tool, and now they have a tool that lets them solve binary quadratic Diophantine equations! Yeah!!! Wonderful world.

Reality is that things can get messy with even important research when various interests and people's FEELINGS get involved, as history has shown. But at the end of the day, objective measures are a good way to go.

And what's more objective? A Google search giving you a particular method when you ask about solving something rather technical and mathematically specific?

Or Usenet posters ranting about some person they clearly hate, who also will tell you that Google really isn't, well, Google! And oh yeah, don't forget Erik Max Francis the Usenet poster who also has, a guy who once told me some choice things when I got into arguments with him, years ago. He's angry too. Yeah, Erik Max Francis is one angry dude.

Angry people are just angry people. Objective reality is what physics people do. I suggest you go with the easily checkable facts.

Increasingly my math is a world resource.

And a post like this one is to help those people who will come across the negatives, will wonder when they read these posters saying horrible nasty things about me, and get bothered because they trust that people are more decent than that and I'm just here to say, no, some people aren't.

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