Sunday, September 27, 2009


JSH: Impossible to predict

One problem I'm having is that I didn't expect this scenario. It didn't seem possible to me that a person could have easily demonstrated mathematical results, clearly demonstrating things never before done, and the world just, sort of, do nothing.

The first surprise was with my prime counting research, as it lead to a partial differential equation, which, just so happened to give simple answers to questions that motivated Riemann.

Easy to show. Easy to show the introduction of the calculus in this unique way. But that was done by me back in 2002.

Since then I've considered areas where I thought breakthrough could not just be ignored, like with the factoring problem, and focused on extreme simplification in applied mathematics, like with my solution to binary quadratic Diophantine equations.

Inexplicably to me, not only could experts in the field blissfully ignore major advances, but the world let them.

Over the years I've worked at several theories to explain the social dynamics which allow this series of events to occur, but regardless of any intellectual appreciation for the bizarre depths of the problem, the hardest thing is just to SEE these things routinely that I'm sure most people would say are impossible.

I mean, like I defined mathematical proof! Just an off-hand thing in a way one day for me, but now years later, to see it come up #1 in Google searches? Bizarre. But weirder, the rationalizations by Usenet posters to explain it away as if it were nothing, which necessarily for logical reasons, lead them to attacking Google itself. Despite the ever growing strength of one of the world's major companies.

Impossible to predict.

Re-thinking history I've gone back to more carefully review the lives of past major discoverers and realized a lot more tragedy was evident than even I accepted before. So what I'm facing is not new! There is something weird that happens, where society punishes people like me.

IF only I'd known that before!!! Like when I was a kid!!!

But of course, if world society does punish instead of reward for major discoveries, why would it want that realized?

Smart people would simply not make them.

Increasingly I'm turning to working at warning.

Alan Turing was mentioned by me in a tweet where I introduced memes noting that major problem solvers are often destroyed by society versus being cheered. Often society will kill them: Archimedes killed, Boltmann pushed to suicide, Socrates pushed to suicide, Alan Turing pushed to suicide, Martin Luther King, Jr. killed, John Lennon killed

All remarkably enough can be considered to be major problem solvers.

The message I'm beginning to carefully and with a lot of special force introduce worldwide is that the penalty you may pay for being a major discoverer is death at the hands of your society.

It is a scary reality for me now. The behavior of Usenet posters is a tame version of what can happen. My society is very likely going to try and kill me, for doing what I thought was great, what I thought was a good thing, what I naively believed was the way to go.

Impossible to predict.

But with the lessons now learned, I can warn.

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