Wednesday, September 16, 2009


JSH: Here's the weird thing

I'll point out something and I get these Usenet posters dismissing it as if I'm just some "crank" or "crackpot" looking for self-promotion as if that proves that nothing I say can be worth puzzling over, when to me this Google search thing is actually rather weird.

Years ago when I first started noticing ideas of mine taking over in Google searches I was excited about it, thinking that meant my research was heading towards immediate acceptance.

But here we are years later…

Yet it seem so strange to me, while the lack of curiosity displayed by attack Usenet posters to me is about their tiny intellects. They're a primitive sub-species that sees insulting people on Usenet as the height of good living. It makes their reptilian brains all giddy or something.

So they're not a surprise. These are dumb people. The surprise would be if they DID find it odd that my research dominates in these searches.

Now I like taking the definition of mathematical proof partly because I figure it annoys math people!!! Talk about sticking it them in a sensitive spot, eh?

A guy some Usenet posters have painted as a "kook", "crank" and a "loon", if you consider that Erik Max Francis guy who runs, who yes, I argued with in the past on sci.math so if you thought he was an outsider to Usenet, you were fooled, by that fool.

To me he's just another angry sci.math poster and I've seen a lot of them over the years.

But I digress…so for ME to take over the definition of mathematical proof is such a cool thing which drives Usenet people on sci.math freaking butt crazy nuts, so much that they can't help attacking Google searches themselves! To hear the math Usenet freaks talk (ok you can't HEAR them literally typing away but anyway), Google is this third rate company that produces meaningless search results that no one cares about, which mean NOTHING.

LOL. They're so much fun those Usenet math people. They're bizarrely brainless to supposedly know math.

BUT as here is a physics newsgroup, I will emphasize that mathematics is a tool, so the math, yes, will work for physics people.

So what do the Google searches mean really?

Best guess I have is that there ARE people around the world who discover that my math works!!! But they're terrified of having themselves or their research connected with a "crank", so they hide their interest as best they can.

Either that or some people at Google are playing around with me.

I actually at one point got so frustrated on this issue that I wrote my Congress people, and as I live in San Francisco, they are Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein. My peeps. I love those two.

Maybe I should take a road trip down to Google's offices, eh? Start banging on the doors demanding someone take me to see the Google guys—you know whoever those two guys are who started the thing—and get some damn answers!!!

Why oh why does Google indicate that I defined mathematical proof for the world?

Why oh why, Google dudes?

Search string: define mathematical proof

Try that anywhere in the world you have Internet access.

Hey, can we get a march on Google started here? Who's with me? Who is ready to march down to Google and demand why they would DARE let some guy branded on Usenet as a CRANK for God's sake, take over the definition of mathematical proof and irritate math weenies all over the world?

Like, if the Google guys aren't looking out for the feelings of math weenies? Who is?

Math weenies around the world are tearing up as they read this post (of course they MUST be secretly reading, somewhere).

Cheer up guys. Mommies probably right there as you live at home anyway. Go cry on her shoulders and maybe she'll give you a cookie to help you feel better.

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