Monday, August 31, 2009


JSH: But what are your options?

The fury elicited by my talking about a simple relation with "Pell's Equation" can give some of you perspective on how intractable this situation is, as some of you may know that I re-discovered that result from my own general solution to binary quadratic Diophantine equations. So I did one thing that had never been done—a general solution for binary quadratic Diophantines—and found an earlier result known for hundreds of years which today I think is oddly obscure.

And I say "fury" because that's what it is. Years ago I thought it was just arguing on newsgroups and there were just some nasty people who mouthed off because they could, but as the years have gone by, and my influence has grown, and my discoveries have piled up, there is clearly a rage developing and its scary. Very scary.

For those who know I DID generally solve binary quadratic Diophantine equations and know that was a huge achievement there may be the obvious question of, why not have it published? I tried. All the math journals I sent it to, rejected it, without claiming it was wrong!

My favorite rejections came from the Bulletin of the AMS where the chief editor would send this reply saying my work wasn't suitable for that journal. I kept sending papers. She finally begged me not to send any more paper claiming it was a "survey journal" and I figured, hey, it's pointless, why not do as she says? If the chief editor is going to beg you not to send papers, why continue?

The mathematical community does not want these discoveries, and what are your options?

If the world believes that mathematicians would not do what they are doing, and you can see they are doing it, what then?

And then there is the fury. I do worry. This situation is not one that can last indefinitely I'd think, but it has gone on for longer than I thought possible.

Another weird thing is that I found a way to solve quadratic residues mod p. It's a nifty little way to do it which seems popular by web search measure. That is, do a search in Google (and Yahoo! amazingly enough last time I checked) on: solving quadratic residues

And I probably will be #1 wherever you are in the world. Mathematicians reject that research as well. Though I admit I never sent papers on it in particular. But it has been around for a while.

But what are your options?

The one time I did get a paper through the gauntlet, the math community destroyed the journal. That is, the journal pulled my paper after publication and quietly shutdown. Its parent university scrubbed all mention of the journal which had been electronic only but published for a decade. They scrubbed all mention. Google: SWJPAM

So what are your options? If I push hard enough will mathematicians completely snap? Would my life be in danger?

I try to imagine being someone out there in the world watching this situation and realizing it is happening, and there are these discoveries which are clearly true, where math people react in fury at the mere mention of them. And what can that person do?

I know I wouldn't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Mostly I just kind of keep doing a few things at the edges like this post and my earlier postings and try to understand the psychology of these people. How they motivate themselves. How they fight like they do, for what? I don't know. I have theories but only they know or maybe even they don't know why they fight so hard.

Destroyed an entire math journal. Like it was trash. And on Usenet on sci.math they gloried in the destruction and maligned the journal even in its death. I saw it as anarchy but the math community I believe sees it as a necessary defense.

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