Sunday, August 02, 2009


JSH: Understanding classed behavior

The recent discussions are fascinating as they help show a bizarre reality where certain posters on these newsgroups will deny ANY evidence and attack ANYONE they see as helping someone they've decided is beneath them, so now they're attacking Google because I've noted some search results related to my mathematical research where that research comes up highly.

Now it seems to me that if it's very clear that part of what I'm doing is studying their odd behavior maybe they'd think better of doing it!!! But there they go anyway, with fascinating assaults against Google where they dismiss search results, with a fascinating position that those do not matter.

Ok, so it's very clear then how the same people could dismiss publication in a mathematical journal as they did when I was published in the now defunct journal SWJPAM, and I suggest to you there is NOTHING that would work with them. Nothing.

Not reason. Not publication. Least of all, mathematical proof!

So what gives? How can such people act with such obsessiveness and WHY would they? Answer is, it's classed behavior.

Let's say you were nobility in a two-tier class society, like Old England, and you were confronted with a commoner who could out-do you on just about every level, would that matter?


Only your class mattered.

Classed societies put some people in one class and others in another class beneath them, and that is not about merit.

Now then, could you LET the commoner behave as if he or she were event at you level? No. Classed societies would exact harsh retribution against commoners who stepped over class lines so they could maintain those lines.

Classed systems are against merit. They are about social order.

So that's the explanation.

It's a class war.

So to these people mathematical proof is irrelevant. Publication in a mathematical journal just proved to them that the journal was trash. When their conniving destroyed the journal—some of them mounted an email assault against my paper, the journal pulled the paper, the journal died soon thereafter—it was the FAULT OF THE JOURNAL IN THEIR MINDS!!!

Now they despise Google because I get high rankings on some search results.

There are no limits—theirs is a classed position.

For them class rules demand they assault anything that undermines the class position they believe they have.

They are math royalty in their own minds.

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