Tuesday, August 18, 2009


JSH: But Twitter is more fun

Sorry dudes but after years of fun arguing on newsgroups I've found a new arena where I can max supreme—Twitter. I tweet and do searches and find my tweets all over the place!

And unlike newsgroups, it's more like instant gratification. My tweets end up on political sites on economics sites and government sites and it's like, well, it's like a whole new world.

Besides, like I said, my math doesn't need me. I am still promoting it though in ways maybe because it's hard to break the habit, but arguing with "angry idiots" on newsgroups isn't gratifying.

REALITY has shifted!!!

But it is weird—my math really does not need me.

I call it my math. But it doesn't even know me.

Yeah, I can promote it if I want but it doesn't care and moves around the world at its own pace, as if I don't even matter. And wow, it MOVES. The mathematics I've discovered has no respect for the limitations of human imagination. Not even mine.

It is beyond us mere mortals: It cares not where we whither, it listens not when we speak. It is its own in all ways.

So I have Twitter. Near instant gratification. A way to feel important. To think that maybe I matter. And life moves on…

After over a decade of arguing and ranting, and often not making any sense even to myself, there's a weird melancholy at the thought of moving on…somehow I guess I'll miss it.

No more dominating newsgroups, taking over with threads that could overwhelm till the regulars screamed in posts in agony.

No more arrogant or disdainful or just plain nonsense replies.

No more to wonder if I got it right, or if it matters, or if anyone cares.

Twitter is more fun.

You losers can keep on ranting until they cut off the lights, but the world has moved on…and so have I.

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