Tuesday, July 07, 2009


JSH: Two remarkable things!

The issue of the "perfect tweet" can help some of you see two remarkable things which I see a lot on the sci.math newsgroup:
  1. People lie a lot, or maybe I should say, give falsehoods in even the most obvious areas.

  2. Objective tests are often ignored, and people still lie a lot!
Here with Twitter there is an easily checked area so people can go look and see who succeeds and who doesn't, but more important to me is the continued assault of certain posters who clogged up the main thread I made on the "perfect tweet", which shows you how they can fight hard against objective information.

I've actually taken lessons from the sci.math newsgroup to consideration of lying behavior in other areas, like politics and economics, as well as business in general and even relationships, and concluded that on a far larger scale than most admit: people lie a LOT and routinely lie about lying, but most importantly, they lie in areas where it's easy to check them and determine they are lying!

Lying may be the most dominant form of human communication.

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