Friday, July 31, 2009


JSH: There is something about hatred

The poster "mensanator" decided to dredge up old history yet again (he's done it before) and again I answered with the story as I find it more interesting to consider the anger and the hatred that boils out of this newsgroup time and time again.

There is something about hatred.

You dehumanize your opponent and then nothing else matters. Their efforts are "trash". Their ideas are "junk".

You tell them to go away and feel satisfied that your hostility is justified.

Any defense they offer is an affront. Their protestations are a sign of their ignorance and low level.

But still the newsgroup is on Usenet. And still I can post despite the hostility of professors or regulars or anyone else.

And I can think a lot about what it means to be human, and to be dehumanized. And wonder what it means to be the people who engage in such behaviors.

Sure, yes, I've contacted Professor Ullirch's Oklahoma university when I thought he stepped way over the line talking about "racial slurs" in response to me.

He introduced race. Not I.

But silly things like facts matter not to some people who I think adore hatred. They love hate.

It is a thrill isn't it?

To think of destroying some person possibly distant, possibly far away?

To say some words and tear at their heart?

To rip at their minds? Drive them to distraction with comments?

To drive a stake through their soul if you can?

In such efforts we understand the world that demands our sacrifice. That needs our blood.

As yes, there will be blood.

We demand it.

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