Sunday, July 05, 2009


JSH: Thank you!!!

Thank you to posters arguing with me about the "perfect tweet" as I locked down another variant of the perfect tweet which defines itself in the tweet and then came up with another perfect tweet talking about it:

Ok, I've locked down both variants of the "perfect tweet" which defines itself as perfect within the tweet while also being a perfect tweet.

The above is a perfect tweet. I'm on a roll!!!

Hey, seriously though, what are the odds of a perfect tweet that is grammatical? And what are the odds of a perfect tweet which defines itself as perfect?

I'm guessing at least one in 100 trillion, which I think is rather conservative.

I may have locked down the only 2 perfect tweets that define themselves as perfect possible in the English language.

The game is on!!! There can only be so many and this is a once in human history kind of thing.

How much more fun can it get?

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