Sunday, July 05, 2009


JSH: Perfect tweet, can it be re-done?

I posted a perfect tweet today, defined to be 140 characters that is grammatical, which defines itself. Can that accomplishment be matched?

Here it is, the perfect tweet:

In my opinion, crucial criteria for a perfect tweet is that it be EXACTLY 140 characters, have few if any abbreviations, and is grammatical.

Question is, and I leave off quotes as that adds to the tweet so that sentence is itself the perfect tweet, can that accomplishment be matched? Can you write another tweet that defines itself as a perfect tweet by those rules which is itself a perfect tweet?

Seems to me one option for attack would be to find synonyms of the same length for any of the words. Otherwise it's a matter of finding combinations with the same meaning where it MAY be impossible in the English language.

So it's a challenge. Go for it.

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