Friday, May 15, 2009


JSH: What's remarkable

Years ago I discovered that posters would routinely lie to me in reply and they'd lie about even the most basic mathematics.

But what was remarkable to me was, other readers would side with them, even on trivial errors.

And the denial about the publication, withdrawal and destruction of the journal SWJPAM was telling as well.

It's just basic human psychology though.

It's a group effect.

A human being can be convinced of ANYTHING. And groups of human beings are more easily convinced than a single person!!!

So your knowledge of mathematics can be completely flawed, but if you have a group of people telling you otherwise, you believe.

But not if you're a true mathematician.

THAT is the test. It always was.

And most of you failed, long ago.

All that has remained is the clean-up.

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