Friday, May 15, 2009


JSH: Learning from the negative Pell's Equation

For me the chilling proof that math society itself willfully lies can be seen with some really trivial algebra, Pell's Equation and the negative Pell's Equation which is why I keep mentioning it, as I can beat up on math society worldwide with this result indefinitely.

Given ANY set of non-zero integer solutions to the negative Pell's equation

j^2 - Dk^2 = -1

you will ALWAYS have a solution to Pell's Equation

x^2 - Dy^2 = 1

from x = 2j^2 + 1.

That is a mathematical absolute. Now go try to find it in a contemporary mathematical textbook.

What I like about this result is how clearly it shows the political nature of the modern field of number theory.

Number theorists, quite simply, lie. I dare them to keep ignoring this result! I like beating up on them.

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