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JSH: Why it's white collar welfare

Merit is supposed to matter.

I can mathematically prove but if the people who are in charge of recognizing proofs decide not to do so, what then?

The reason I call the system white collar welfare is that these people are paid to do nothing, but it's worse as they have mistakes easily shown and explained, but they continue to teach the mistakes and fight against knowledge of the errors, so we pay people to teach their students false information.

So it's worse than welfare.

I'm hammering this subject about Pell's Equation because I think those of you taught like I was, would believe that academics would accept a clear demonstration of a better technique and simply acknowledge it.

But mathematicians may feel they can't give any ground with me because they have a glass ceiling in place.

It is an absolute. If they give ground they shatter the glass ceiling.

It's not clear how long this situation can last though.

I find it hard to believe that physicists will simply accept not doing the best methods, or give in to requests to quietly shift to better techniques without acknowledging the source—if that occurs.

The glass ceiling is in place in mathematical society today.

It is against merit.

I've found a consequence for physicists with one particular equation that is easily demonstrated, but there are bigger issues.

The point is to open the door to skepticism. And force you to look at your mathematical colleagues with the eyes of physicists, and not just trust.

Given x^2 - Dy^2 = 1, for instance, if you have a solution to the negative Pell's Equation,

j^2 - Dk^2 = -1

then you have a solution for x, from x = 2j^2 + 1.

For instance, 16 - 17 = 1, so j=4, k=1, and I have x=2(16) + 1=33.

And of course, 33^2 - 17*8^2 = 1.

That's just information.

I have other information, including a paper that was published in a formally peer reviewed mathematical journal and then yanked after publication, and later the journal quietly died:

EMIS, a European agency, is keeping alive the archives of an American journal tossed aside like so much trash by its American owners.

10 years of papers in that journal from mathematicians who trusted their society I guess.

Denial here does not help physics any more than denial in the past did.

The truth will win, so it's about time. But each day you give the class behavior reward, is another day that people who betrayed the trust of society are paid to do wrong. It's a reward for academics who betray the public trust.

Each day is a validation of their system, and evidence that working against merit can still work, when intelligent people allow it to happen.

You saw that with the financial crisis that has gripped our world.

Now you have an intellectual crisis, where inaction is the worst thing you can do.

Inaction allows the white collar welfare system to continue, gleefully.

Each day is a win for them. Another day to teach students wrong information. Another day to spend more funds given for wrong research. Another day to teach you bad math techniques, and refuse to update to better ones.

Another day for you to pretend that the world will just be ok.

I'm sure you hate such behavior when you read about it in others. Now it's you.

What world are you trying to give to your children?

One where they can learn bogus information masquerading as best knowledge?

Math society is teaching you wrong NOW. What makes you think they will stop with anyone else?

I've seen no evidence they will. That math journal died over 5 years ago.

Any of your kids majoring in mathematics?

If so, make no mistake, some of what they're learning was proven false over 5 years ago.

That dead journal is just another sign.

Occam's Razor: What's the simplest explanation for academics who refuse to update when given even the most basic of explanation of a much simpler, better approach?

Ans. Fraud.

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