Thursday, April 09, 2009


JSH: Understanding pain and why they destroyed the journal

So people insult me on newsgroups to make it painful for me to continue in the hopes that I will stop so mathematicians can keep being fakes and doing dumb math that is in many areas, painfully stupid.

That's why you insult people.

I like my analogy of Tiger Woods going after amateur golfers to make the point.

Top people don't do that. Top mathematical knowledge does not require you to insult people into silence.

Notice how much fun I'm having now. THAT is mathematics. When you're right, and get something simple enough that math people around the world have more trouble lying about it—as they lie ALL the time—you can get somewhere.

And yes, they killed that poor math journal and now you know why. Google: SWJPAM

I found a massive "core" error. Proving it requires mostly simple algebra but it completely overturns the modern math world in number theory.

Upsets a lot of applecarts as they say.

Their math is either wrong, or primitive in the area of the error.

The continued success of modern mathematics is primarily with research found around the time of Gauss and before.

After that begins the junk period. Over a hundred years of it.

To handle the failure of the research, math people started calling it "pure math" and claimed someday it might be useful.

But it will never be useful, because it's wrong. And THAT is what they're protecting.

THAT is why there is the insult war, and THAT is why they killed that math journal.

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