Friday, April 03, 2009


JSH: Symbolism is telling

That my research now encompasses a classical result on the circle, by the emergence of its rational parametric solution from my rational parametric solution to Pell's Equation is I think a symbolic passing of the torch to the next generation and type of mathematician in a way that connects back to the rich, history of the mathematical field in a wonderful way.

That a new type of mathematician was needed is probably the result of new technologies, like Usenet, and the ability for so many people to talk out mathematics, with the possibility of so much more of a muddled mess as a result.

I have to wonder how my predecessors would have handled Usenet and the Internet.

Can you imagine Gauss arguing things out on newsgroups, or Sir Isaac? I can't.

The new age has required a new type.

Some of you may finally begin to puzzle through the mathematics that shows the flaw that corrupted number theory which has rendered useless results over more than a hundred years, during a period when many cried rigor.

Rigor is not enough.

Modern problem solving techniques that have been ignored by the modern mathematical community are the future. Brainstorming and others tactics part of what I call extreme mathematics are what the best will be doing. The rest can muddle along, possibly mostly as mathematical scholars and teachers.

I have no doubt that many of you will be very slow in picking up on the changes that must take place now, and this post will probably be met with yet another rain of insults, but that is important in and of itself.

As a new era of super math evolves, and as mathematics grows up as a field, insults will mean nothing to the best, and I'm sure the rain of them will not stop.

After all, the ones of you with the ability to be the next generation of mathematician, will move so fast, and reach such heights that the others, will have no chance to keep up.

Insults may be the best they can manage.

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