Tuesday, April 07, 2009


JSH: I feel sorry for them

I don't care about math society as I've been arguing with you people and sending papers to journals and emails to mathematicians, like Lenstra, to whom I sent these latest results, long enough to know you don't give a damn about anything but yourselves, and maybe your academic careers, if you even have that, which a lot of you on these newsgroups do NOT have but you're just nasty people in general.

So I don't feel sorry for you.

My take on it is you hate math anyway, but some of you found a niche where you could learn just enough to fool enough people that you could pretend to like it.

But those physicists working on things like zeroes of Racah coefficients using Pell's Equation, or trying to find uses out of Galois Theory, are just poor pathetic souls who believed in you, and wasted their lives as a result.

They can't get that time back either.

So yeah, show your true colors yet again as you make fun of me. Insult like always while we wait for world governments to wake up to the reality, and ponder how much junk they have as "math", from people who have a contempt for knowledge.

And then they can take your money away.

But no one can give back to those physicists, or others who trusted you, the time you took from them.

And no one can give them back the hopes and dreams they lost as a result.

Physics isn't like mathematics. They can't get prizes for crap, unlike you in the math field. There will be no Nobel prizes for those people. No big win with a gain of knowledge for humanity.

Just an empty and lost feeling when the enormity of their loss hits them.

They were victims, but who to blame?

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