Sunday, March 29, 2009


JSH: Why they lurk

There are people on the newsgroups who often reply to me with replies that betray a woeful lack of even basic mathematics.

So why are they here?

Mathematics does not require a math Ph.D, and does not require that person be a member of a particular social order, or follow social rules.

Mathematics does not care if you are beneath a certain level in society.

However, mathematical discovery can elevate a person in society.

So it is a gaping hole in walls built by certain people looking for security.

A person from a "second class" world can make a major discovery and elevate themselves in the status quo.

So they lurk to enforce a social order that is trying to get only established people acknowledged for mathematical discovery.

They intimidate and insult people not part of that order to try and stop them from working on mathematics.

And they fight discoveries made to try and hide them from the world so that their social classes will not be disturbed.

I like my recent Pell's Equation results as you, probably a disbelieving person who can't imagine such behavior, can see them in action.

The threads are already there. Read through them, and see the watchers who have monitored all along.

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