Saturday, March 28, 2009


JSH: The 'why' of the behavior

With yet another "pure math" result that tests the boundaries of incredulity when people insist I'm just an insane crackpot with no research of value, I like the demonstration from the reactions to tell those of you who are honest what is really going on: certain people decided that no matter what I discovered they would reject my research and its value.

It's a classed reaction. It is all about class rules and a real "glass ceiling" as they say.

To understand classed behavior you need to go back to where class ruled: feudal Europe.

Once nobility was founded, people in the noble classes often were LESS than any idea of great in their behaviors and skillsets. You can say they were walking contradictions—nobles that were far less than noble.

So social rules were put in place where class was just by birth, and not about ability.

It was a social institution and wasn't expected to say anything really about the actual worth or abilities of a person in some abstract sense, but only about the value that SOCIETY put on that person.

In a classed society, the king was the king. You might be smarter than the king. But the king owned the land. You might be faster than the king, better looking than the king, and all around a much more likeable person than the king.

But the king was the king, and the king ruled.

So in modern classed societies like the academic world, the professor is the professor.

You may be smarter than the professor. Your research may be better. The professor's may be wrong!!!

But the professor is the professor as our modern academic system is a anachronistic throwback to medieval Europe where it was created.

So yeah, I have great research. I've even proven major errors with the work done by the pseudo-nobility of the professorial mathematical class, but their class is socially supported, and like classes in feudal Europe they maintain a glass ceiling.

They are incompetent, but they rule—because society gives them the power to do so.

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