Wednesday, March 04, 2009


JSH: Weird feeling

For me it is wacky how this story has worked out and such a weird feeling to be commenting after my post of a fairly straightforward and to the point stepping through of a solution to the factoring problem.

First off, why was it necessary?

Well I've had major mathematical discoveries for years now and people in math society have lied about them. So I threatened to solve the factoring problem to find something they couldn't lie about, and got lucky and somehow did it after somewhere around 5 years of searching.

The lying I've seen has been so weird, and problematic.

It left me few options in considering how I should proceed in this case because I have in the past made efforts to work through say, the NSA. I have made contacts with or tried to make contacts with people in the intelligence community both here and abroad.

But scarily, I've also faced the fear that hey, maybe mathematicians had no limits, and like, the NSA is FULL of mathematicians.

What might they do if cornered?

STILL I've been talking about this solution in various ways as I worked through it for three weeks now, and I find it incredible that no intelligence services around the world picked up on it, despite my efforts.

Like using words and phrasings that I'd think would be picked up. I was so desperate I recently started naming Britain specifically and talking about disaster.

But I also hoped someone would step up, some other person out there in the world, who would understand the importance here, and make the contacts, and I've been waiting now for weeks for someone from some government agency to contact me.

None have.

With a situation completely beyond anything I expected, the best solution was to go forward. Later inquiries can find out why intelligence services around the world failed so badly. And inquiries can determine why people lied about this result. And deeper inquiries can determine why they lied about my prior research.

For me the weirdest thing about this situation has been that lying as it seems to me that no one who expected to ever get caught would put themselves in the position these people have—so they never expected to get caught.

And THAT is scary, as my mathematical finds are, well, as time goes forward that may be best left to others to fully explain, but at a minimum they are worth the world knowing, and properly acknowledging.

Time is of the essence people. Your delusions about what can happen are no match for reality.

Your imaginations are not big enough. I assure you that waiting and hoping no one will notice is not a strategy.

It is suicidal.

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