Wednesday, March 18, 2009


JSH: These people are stupid

Hey it's way past time for niceness as I solved the factoring problem. I have a mathematical proof using rather basic algebra that shows that clearly, and I've put up test code showing a basic demonstration for a specialized case.

Yet math people put up headlines around the world for quantum computing when it factored 15.

They follow their own wacky rules!

And one major rule they have is to protect their system, block out outsiders, and maintain that major mathematical proof is only the province of people with math Ph.D's.

To them, it's simple: protect their turf.

To you, your actions on the Internet may be transparent. Your precious public key may be hacked in milliseconds by hostiles using the mathematics that the established mathematicians are trying to ignore.

Civilizations are destroyed over stupidity like is happening now.

The mathematicians do not wish to accept merit. They have a class system. In that class system they do not recognize people like me, so they refuse to recognize major research results from me.

ALL they can see is later having to clap or applaud or pretend to like my research. They have nightmares about the ignominy of seeing me get a math prize and they will not have it.

They are in their own little world.

You are in this one.

Why can't Iran use my mathematical research? Or North Korea? Why can't the US government for that matter? Or Russia? Or China?

What happens to you when everything you do on the Internet—EVERYTHING—is open and transparent because no one will accept that the system is broken so the people with the power are those who are simply using the mathematics anyway?

Mathematicians are changing your life here and now.

They refuse to follow rules. Re-think the evidence now. Remember I was published in a peer reviewed mathematical journal, with other very important research that just so happens to not have the potential of crashing the world economy.

They PULLED my paper after publication. The journal SHUT-DOWN. The hosting university, Cameron University, SCRUBBED ALL MENTION of the journal from its website though it had been around for ten years. These people are not who you think. And right now your life depends on getting a clue.

Google: SWJPAM

for the journal story.

The mathematicians are acting with one goal in mind: stop me from getting rewards for my research or getting elevation in their society.

That's it. They've made up their minds on social class issues.

You need to make up your mind, on the facts.

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