Thursday, March 05, 2009


JSH: So how can they lie?

If any of you have looked over my solution to the factoring problem, you may find yourselves very conflicted as it's easy algebra with a rather basic concept. I just found a way to factor one number by connecting it to a factorization of that number minus one.

Once you see the equations, it's obvious that has been achieved.

Easy algebra.

But how can math people lie about it?

Because they HAVE lied about my research for years. They are simply following the same strategy as before, except this time I've found a problem where that strategy can have real world consequences.

So, shouldn't I just implement it?

Even if I had the skill and the time, and could get something together fast enough—before some critical breach of some security system—I'd have a major problem after, as math society would simply then accept the result, and claim they don't lie about anything else!!!

They'd lie about lying.

I have SEEN that behavior with my prime counting function, as after all, it does count primes correctly! They lie about lying and shift as needed when facts force their hand.

The situation here is nearly impossible. A major field got corrupted. Given the weight we give to major fields and experts in those fields it is nearly impossible to prove such a thing.

But you can look at a very clever and very correct solution to the factoring problem, and read through replies to me where math people are lying. And guess what? I found someone at RSA with an email address public and emailed her yesterday.

I AM working to try and prove this result exists!!!

The problem is the math people are fighting me.

My fear is that the impasse may be broken by something terrible happening.

And no, she hasn't emailed me back yet. I may have not even got past her spam filter. It is far more difficult than you imagine to inform people about even such a result as solving the factoring problem.

I've been trying now for over three weeks.

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