Sunday, March 15, 2009


JSH: Remember the goal

My stated aim for years has been to end the academic system as it currently exists worldwide, and I need your help in making my case. And your failures in the face of mathematical proof represent that help.

I think our academic system is a medieval anachronism that is all about feudalism, and it fails all the time now, so it has to be revamped in a major way.

And what I'm learning more and more is that money makes the difference, so the simplest way to help the system is to remove the money.

Once academics know that being a professor provides no guarantees as tenure is destroyed, and learn that failing to be a researcher means you stop getting paid to do research, the non-functional ones among you will leave.

It's that simple.

Before this story ends, quite a few tenured academics will find they are no longer professors, as tenure is destroyed and I'll worry about the legal battles later. But don't assume if you are tenured in any academic field that you will remain in your position without results.

The white collar welfare system of our modern academic world is about to end.

THAT is one of my primary goals.

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