Sunday, March 29, 2009


JSH: Purpose of these posts on this newsgroup

Hey, I made my BIG post today on other newsgroups.

These posts on THIS newsgroup are only to draw the kind of postings I've seen for years, to really drive home my case against this newsgroup and the people here.

Many of you despise mathematics.

THAT is my point.

Your pretending otherwise has just made my life more difficult for years as many of you have waged very successful campaigns against important mathematical research.

Mathematical research that is important for the future of humanity.

The window that opened was a research result that is clear in a way that can't be talked down, as the mathematical literature has to be updated, and the negative Pell's Equation has been a research area.

The purpose of this post is to talk about the purpose of the others and I think, of course, mathematicians around the world will later claim that they shouldn't be held accountable by postings from newsgroup people.

Of course by then the world will have pictures and interviews, I hope, of most of you who have been so obsessive in your replies to me all these years.

You will have an opportunity to explain yourselves.

But my belief is that mathematicians around the world have taken comfort in your behavior and believed they could succeed in ignoring my research indefinitely, to the detriment of the human race.

Mathematics is an important discipline.

People who fought against the discipline in the hopes that they would never face accountability, need to face it.

Email records. Computer records of any kind. Posting history where it's there.

Whatever. Conversations.


IF you fought against mathematical progress then you are not truly a mathematician. And shouldn't be paid to be one.

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