Sunday, March 01, 2009


JSH: Of course they're lying

Posters have lied about my research for years. The question isn't whether or not they do so, but how do they get away with it? Why do any of you believe them?

And where is your sense of self-preservation?

The reason for me picking the factoring problem is that the lies cannot hold.

Currently the posting cabal that works against me is cornered on the issue of factoring 15, as they say these methods cannot do it, when of course they can.

But they're stuck. Decker, one of the leaders, put forward equations that cannot factor anything, claiming they result from this approach. ALL of the other posters have come in line with his original claims.

But I can then just show how it DOES factor 15, showing his position is false, and refute them all in one blow.

However, I know they will simply turn to some new lie, so I pause to put forward how remarkable this situation is!!!

Your group claims to care about mathematics, but a simple solution to the factoring problem has been found.

It's so trivially easy that a cabal dedicated to lying about my mathematics is now trapped in what should be a checkmated position over the issue of factoring 15.

However I know that they will simply lie when that is fully revealed and return to their previous behavior, so I'm pausing to put up this post to highlight that your group in fact displays an amazing contempt for mathematics.

You hate mathematics, no matter what you SAY.

The only thing you hate more is the truth.

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