Thursday, March 19, 2009


JSH: Now you can understand the parasites

The story of the AIG bonuses can give some of you perspective on the parasitic who have lived among you for so long, as before, they could have gotten away with it. I've talked before about the specifics of the way the human brain works which allowed them to control so many of you, so well, for so long so I won't go into that now. Best way to put it is, many of you were simply being loyal, to creatures who see that as weakness.

Their aim was to divide humanity into two groups: the rulers and the ruled.

They use various psychological tools and amass wealth with which they dominate further, while they will claim to any value you wish them to, but they only hold a parasitic view.

They do not want to earn a living. They believe they should be given everything: your life, your blood, your hopes, your dreams.

Their weakness is what you saw with AIG: they depend on you giving in to them. If you don't, then they fall apart easily enough.

The worst thing humanity ever said to itself was, we are free.

You are only free to the extent that you keep your eyes open. Many of you have been enslaved in mind for years now.

The world you are beginning to see around you is a brand new one, but don't think it gets easier.

Your world does have monsters. The problem is, the monsters have human faces.

Learn to look beneath the surface, and learn to be truly free.

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