Sunday, March 29, 2009


JSH: Finally! They're caught.

Now readers can finally see clearly what I've had to face for years: some of those among you are anti-knowledge.

It has been so frustrating watching these people get away with it for years. And now the result that proves my point by how they react to it.

Notice, they have all the warnings too!!! Yet they still are fighting it. That is telling.

It is such a beautiful mathematical result too. A family of three equations connected to Pell's Equation, where primes come in as well with D being prime, where they are EASIER to solve.

That creates a story where none of the old lies and manipulating techniques they use can hold.

But some of them are trying anyway which is an expression of contempt for you.

I don't think they see most of you as being anything but their tools.

They've ruled you for so long that they have no respect for your intelligence.

Yup. They've RULED you. That's why they fight so hard.

You have been slaves in mind, if not in body.

You have been servants to a class of people who have nothing but contempt for you.

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